Dental X-rays

What are Dental X-rays?

X-rays are a critical part of your dental and oral health. They allow us to see below the surface so that we are able to better provide the treatment that you need. The x-rays that we use in our office require a minimal amount of radiation. This makes them a safe option for virtually every member of your family needing to have them done.

Why would Dental X-rays be needed?

You will often need to have x-rays taken before certain procedures, like surgeries. You can expect x-rays at most checkup visits so that we can monitor changes and any problems that would otherwise go unnoticed during a dental exam. These x-rays allow us to see if there are issues below the surface so that treatment is provided in a timely manner. You will need a full set of x-rays to be taken every few years.

What Are Dental X Rays
Why Would Dental X Rays Be Needed

Who is a candidate for Dental X-rays?

The majority of people coming into our office can safely have x-rays taken. The technology to take x-rays has advanced so much that only a small amount of radiation is necessary to create a detailed image of both bone and soft tissue. You can expect to have these x-rays taken at the majority of your appointments or on an as-needed basis. The benefits of having x-rays taken far outweigh any problems that may be associated with them.

What happens during the Dental X-ray process?

The dental x-ray process is incredibly simple and straightforward. We first place a lead vest over your body to keep you protected. A device is placed inside the mouth and the machine aimed at the device. The x-ray is taken and the process will be repeated throughout the mouth. We then use these images to help create a treatment plan just for you. Children, teens and adults alike can all benefit from having routine dental x-rays taken.

If you would like to come into our office for new dental x-rays, call us today so that you can speak with one of our friendly staff members.

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